Holidays in Cuba
Escape the 5 star monstrously huge Cuba All-inclusive Hotels and escape to Villa Las Brujas an intimate destination great for the fact escape


Cuba isn't all 5 star, all inclusives, with wristbands, although in the event you believed everything you read and listen to that has to be the sense you receive. Once you learn where to look and go then Villa Las Brujas may be the perfect romantic destination for the two of you.

Lots of people don't associate Cuba with a romantic destination, and whilst it's true that Cuba features a reputation for large upscale 'Gin Palaces', which are usually all inclusives, complete with wristbands. For many this is a nightmare, for others it possesses a base for seeing the historic Cuba of Havana. You will need relaxation time away from all of this, and also the perfect romantic place to go for you could be Villa Las Brujas on Cayo Las Brujas.

Be warned it is very inaccessible, however with its reputation like a peaceful paradise, you may expect that anyway. In the mainland it's an extraordinary route to Villa Las Brujas, crossing loads of bridges which connecting tiny coral islands, mangrove swamps, and after around an hour you'll reach a bigger island and then there can be a small airport and three hotel complexes..

Villa Las Brujas provides you with a real getaway as a result all destination, and a great romantic destination for a 2 or 3 day stopover in your grand tour of Cuba.


The rooms in the cabanas have great views, and in fact the accommodation is so spacious it will be more accurate to call an area a suite, due to the size of the seating space.

The beach overlooked by the cabanas is quite attractive but quite small, although to be fair there are only 24 rooms, so there is certainly plenty of room for those.

There are a variety of reports in regards to the food in the restaurant, plus it would seem the local seafood, especially the lobster, will be the star item on the menu, as well as the reports with the chicken less good, but overall the foodstuff gets the thumbs up. Accusation in court also since it is a considerable ways for the nearest restaurant, literally needing to return from where one originally came! When judging food in Cuba it's also vital that you realise that standards are many below in Europe, and a lot less than somewhere else inside the Caribbean, so judged by theses standards the foodstuff at Villa Las Brujas compares well to comparison.

In fairness you will never have isolation, supplying you with a romantic destination and half dozen restaurants nearby, it simply doesn't work this way. The Villa Las Brujas is definitely not the place for many who enjoy party all night atmosphere and parties on their vacation.

In reality unless you own an automobile, to help you escape and eat out occasionally, as the distances involved for taxis make sure they are prohibitively expensive, Villa Las Brujas might be a good place to come during their visit only. This is a terrific romantic destination as a result of where it really is, however the isolation is merely any good for any small amount of time, this inspite of the really nice staff, the fabulous beach, as well as the overall ambience.

Yes a great romantic destination, but in the vacation in Cuba, not all, while there is a great deal else to see and do.


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